Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Should Be Sleeping

Weekend recap time!

Friday Night
I saw The Simpsons Movie with friends and had a blast! See it! If you like/love/adore/obsess over the show, see the movie. End of discussion. Oh, and I hacked off my hair [shoulder length to above-the-chin] and added very bold red highlights. Me pretty!

Penelope, Allena, Tawana [congrats miss preggers!!] and I met up to enhance our stashes [even Penelope!] at Knit NY's sale. Unfortunately, nothing tickled our fancy. So, what oh what should we do [after making a pitstop at the apple store]?

Go to Purl Soho!

"Knit yourself a sweater, Nicole."
... that's why I have the Pear Tree yarn for the openwork sweater I will design.
"Oh whatever. Make the Central Park Hoodie."
... so much yarn, so much money. I'll buy cheap online.
"But you need to love the yarn and it should last. Buy here."

10 minutes of debating later... I bought some yummilicious Lorna's Lace's Shepherd Worsted.

And yes, of COURSE, I'm making a gauge swatch!

Baby knitting is coming along wonderfully. A few annoyances here and there [look at the shoulder BO area. Yeah, why did I BO with yellow? Who knows.] I'm so psyched to start the bands. FO soon!

I don't hate the idea of knitting these flat as much anymore. I am improving my seaming. "Improving" is the operative word. In the future, though, I will alter the pattern to knit it in the round. Why seam if you don't have to?

And ravelry. Oh, ravelry. It's 1am and I obsessed with updating my projects.

I need to sleep.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Say it With Me Children...


The Tall Tales cardigan is taking a little longer than expected because, well, I, uh, haven't been reading the directions thoroughly. Maybe I should start drinking coffee...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Block This!

The Cache-Coeur Bergamo is almost done! Just need to block the hell out of it. Can ya tell?

On a side note, y'all should get out to Coney Island now before it becomes a Vegas-style amusement park with condos.

Tall Tales Cardigan coming along yummily!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If You Like Pina Colada...

Some random tidbits for you all!

Austin City Limits
I'm going! I'm going! Katie and I bought tickets and I'm ready to experience 3 days of outdoor music and fun. I can't WAIT! Now where will I go yarn shopping? Austin, TX yarn shops, anyone?

A Mets Cookbook
As my mother was watching a Mets game, she heard our lovely announcers speak of a Mets cookbook. Oh my! Must google! And found I did. Granted, it looks a little ghetto but it might have to be purchased for its 80s glory. Pick up your copy of GourMets today!

I found an interesting article on Local Harvest about the distance that your food travels to get to you. Very interesting.

I'm going! New York Sheep and Wool Festivalwill need to prepare itself for my arrival. Lovely Kate will be driving as I provide the necessary driving munchies. We just might purchase a sheep.

Cache-Couer Bergamo
I'm really loving this pattern. I have tried it on post-armhole seaming and realized that I will need to block the HELL out of this. It comes barely underneath my bust. Next time I will pick the proper bust measurement that goes with the FULLEST part of my chest. Yeah, I didn't think about that part one. Fingers-crossed it fits. Here's a detail of the side bands...

Tall Tales Cardigan
Remember the Tall Tales Afghan that took me FOREVER to make? Well, it was supposed to come together with this cardigan. Since I have slacked off with my baby knitting, I started to get cracking. Hopefully this cardigan won't take a year and day the way previous baby gifts have. It will now be a birthday/christmas present for one of the many people [coworkers, friends, cousins] that have had children recently. The cutest kid wins! Here's the back.

And gettin' caught in the rain.

Anyone else get saturated in the NYC rain? My apartment smells like wet dog

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ain't No 4th Without Yarn

My lovely SIL Debbie has the greatest and oldest ball-winder. So with about 7 skeins to wind, off we went.

Look at me go!

Two pairs of Socks that Rock [bottom] - one for me and one for daddy. Just have to see if the Rockin' Sock Clubs pattern isn't too "girly" for my masculine father. The two lucious oranges, now what will I do with those? Knit Picks Gossamer. Hmm... Ideas?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Best Way to Spend a Weeknight

1. Listening to Mets on the radio [no cable for this one!]
2. Organize my stash on Ravelry
3. Scarf down some yummy Thai takeout
4. Indulge in some Lime and Violet podcasts.

If you haven't signed up on Ravelry yet, go for it! I finally found the time to poke around and am in love with the site. After listening to lovely Ms. Dane's Cast On podcast this morning, I made it a project this evening to see what all the fuss is about.

And what a fuss! Categorizing all of your yarn and needles. Queueing up all of your future patterns and possible yarns to use from your stash. Search all the patterns you desire. Pictures galore and new knitters to meet. I have found a new obsession! Find me on it: stitchitter.

And since the Mets have [slowly] gotten out of their slump, I say we relive the BEST catch EVER in baseball. Just watch. Watch and see what Endy Chavez did during the 2006 National League Championship Series, Game 7 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

You better say "Wow!"