Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's My Mojo?

Must knit.
Must knit.
Must knit!

Yeah, where did my knitting mojo go? Please send me some of yours. It's sad, really. Maybe I need to watch "The Kid" to harness some of his awesomeness in the slide guitar.*

*Shout-out to my brother. Debbie - make sure that he knows that I just referenced Crossroads (1986).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Things and Some Bad Things

Good Thing #1
The lovely Sit-n-Knit Sock Exchange socks are done. Such a fun project! I made mine in Socks that Rock Silkie [back from the Rockin' Sock Club] in a Cloverleaf Rib, toe-up. And my recipient? Well, she's a talented knitter, super fun and... gulp, a Yankee Fan. I'm talking about Amy. Here's what I made her:

And what did she make for me? Well, my desires of having Pomatomus Socks have been fulfilled! Now, I know, I should actually knit them one of these days, but boy are these beyoootiful!

Good Thing #2
I found an awesome tube top pattern on Ravelry: Lelah top. And of course, I need to use the delightful Araucania Ranco yarn I got from Rhinebeck. How cute is my little swatch?

Good Thing #3
Way back, oh, in 2006 maybe, I started the Tank-Cowl combo from Weekend Knitting. Let's just say it wasn't working out according to plan so I left it in a ziplock bag for over a year. Over the weekend I finally frogged it and started up again. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of mohair but by george I WILL knit this pattern!

Bad Thing #1
Oh those Mets. Can they just win a little?

Bad Thing #2
A little over a month ago I went vegan. I'm feeling great and am really enjoying my new lifestyle. This isn't the bad thing. The wool that keeps staring at me is a bad thing. Now, certain yarn I will keep because I bought it and I want it and... there's no vegan police to tell me otherwise. There is, however, a lot of yarn that I am willing to part/trade with. Check out my stash on Ravelry and if anything tickles your fancy and, better yet, you have some bamboo/cotton/soy/etc. yarns, drop me line!