Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unlucky Sox?

So, anyone who knows me knows a few things:
1. I'm a BIG New York Mets fan
2. I don't like the Yankees
3. I cheer for the Boston Red Sox as well (omitting the '86 World Series, of course)

Now, I'm dating a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I decide to knit him Red Sox. They came out fairly adorable. Being a perfectionist I have my qualms with them (bigger toe and heel pockets next time), but he loves them and shows them off to anyone and everyone.

They are unlucky.

He starts wearing them and the Sox start losing. To the Yankees! Three in a row! Eek. Maybe I shouldn't make that hat to match...

In other news, burning Man cape coming along swimmingly! I leave for the playa in less than 30 days. Lots of knitting to do!