Sunday, January 28, 2007

something finished, something new...

the jaywalkers are done! blocking to be done... soon... and yeah! pictures!

le slouch has begun in a delicious jaeger extra fine merino wool that i bought in london at john lewis. hopefully my next UK adventure [this weekend] will also provide some more british woolies. finally, something for me. question... the pattern calls for the first round of seed stitch to have a kfb at the end of the round. is this to be repeated for every subsequent round?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

ticket for jaywalking and not reading patterns thoroughly

first off... i have misplaced the cable that attaches from my camera to my computer so no pictures. i apologize to all [none] of you out there. the cable, i think, is across the pond in london living with my old roommate. i hope to regain said cable in next weekend when i make the transatlantic voyage [for business].

down to business...

THIIIIIS close to finishing my second pair of jaywalkers. lovely katie, another old roommate, is the recipient. they were supposed to be a christmas present but oh well. red/white lorna's laces, a purl soho exclusive. mmm, tasty

two other gifts = pullover and an afghan.

Afghan: about 20-odd squares all on stitch holders. do i bind off and seam them together? do i kitchener them together [tried that = eek!] or, as was recommended, a 3-needle bind off?

Pullover: completely frustrating since i didn't read the pattern well enough to notice that it is to be knit flat NOT in the round; furthermore, you can't JUST knit in the round for a flat-written pattern. there is not spot for arms!

anyone want a sweater sans-sleeves?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

welcome... me!

i have finally entered the blogosphere to join my knitting companions. this fun-filled venue will be used for me to:
- vent my knitting and purling frustrations
- brag when i have FOs
- hang my head in shame when i can't figure out a baby sweater [that horrendous story to come]
- discuss my love for the new york mets. knitting + baseball watching = :-)