Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Swedish Surprise

Over Christmas, friends stayed with The Bosox Fan and I while they were in town from Sweden. Learned about how cold "cold" is where they live (-45F), interesting food packages (see picture and description below) and that Norway is more of a yarn mecca than Sweden. We just received this "thank you" collection in the mail.

Those tubes are cheese. Yes, tubes of cheese. High-end cheese. Elk, seafood & bacon cheese. Now, I'm vegan but this is a marvel of modern genius. Bacon and cheese in a tube. Bosox Fan is utterly ecstatic. And dark chocolate for me. *drool*

And the Swedish yarn... Love love!

In the mail...
The placket neck sweater and Aston hat was knit up for Megan's new little bundle, Lucas. That hat was so quick and fun. Thank you, Stitch Therapy Brooklyn. Lucas was born back in February and I was this slow in getting the package in the mail. Hopefully he'll get some wear out of everything before he gets too big. Amy's little one (same age) is next.

On the needles...
1. Tree of Life afghan. Quite a huge undertaking. Wedding present/gift with a June deadline. The more I read about this project the more I learn that this will be quite difficult to finish. We shall see!

2. Sorta.... I lost my Knitpicks Options set and case which meant I lost some Addis and other needles. I cried and screamed and committed Hari-Kari. Well, not exactly. I bought the WEBS interchangeable needle set. Lots of pluses and minuses were stated about this set. I am rather happy (so far). I love bamboo and having sizes going down to 16. The case is gorgeous and small. All in all, good investment.

3. Hourglass Sweater out of Malabrigo Merino Worsted. Mentioned before, but this WIP Finally! something for me! Now, I'm very embarrassed to admit that I have only knit one other sweater for myself, the Central Park Hoodie, but haven't seemed it for fear of ruining the seams. Sad, I know. But I WILL finish. I swear!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Guacomole, Batman!

Where has my blogging gone?? No idea!
Where has my knitting gone? Also, no idea!

Let's see if anyone still reads this. And in the meantime...

I will show a little knitting. Current project on the needles is the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Delicious Malabrigo yarn in a deep rich pink.

And what is also in the picture? My new swift! (Ball winder en route). Thanks to the greatest boyfriend ever! Only fitting that a favorite piece I made this past winter was this Patriots hat. For him. Cute, ain't he?

I will show a little fooding

Most recent delicious Strawberry-Chocolate Blondies. Mmm!

Now... to "acquire" more blogging buddies...!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's 57 days until Burning Man!! And I already have purchased these amazing fluffies!

You would think I'd be knitting knitting KNITTING. Well, I sort of am. I'm also attempting to understand sewing and not be so petrified of the machine that sews. This bag of goodies will hopefully help me complete my first sewing project. Lining fabric I still need.

I also have fallen in love with my cookbook - Vegan Yum Yum. Wow! So instead of mentioning how little time I have left to knit, I'll leave you with pictures of my dinner.

Tahini Lemon Rice & Beans

Corn Fritters

The rice dish I cooked with Israeli Couscous instead of brown rice. And this was my first foray with using Old Bay. Took too long to find it at the store. Adore the flavors but the sauce mixture could definitely be used for maybe another 1-2 servings. And the fritters remind me of Thanksgiving as a kid, fighting with my cousin over corn fritters. Man, I love this.

Silly idea that entered my head: do a Julie & Julia, Vegan YumYum-style!

Recipes completed: 3 (1 not photographed)

Pictures from this year's Apogaea (Colorado's regional burning man). I actually was able to snap a few.

And let's not discuss today's epic failure of Francisco Rodriguez's save opportunity for the Mets against the Nationals. Man. I want my team to 100% show up! Not just the hitting but the pitching too! And... oh wait, let's not discuss this.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wow, what a Season!

It's been too long and not enough knitting. There has been plenty of skiing though. I devoted this entire ski season to pass my next level of certification of being a ski instructor. And I passed! 106 hours of training later. Well worth it. And now... in late April, I see this

Another foot of snow on the ground. And with the mountain closed, all I can do is stare at the white stuff. But I have my knitting. I've been working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket for a while, battling with rows 31-39 for months. I refused to knit for a week or more. The BoSox Fan even told me that I might need to give up.

BUT NO! I kept going and begging ravelers for help and here is what the wedding gift looks like now:

Halfway through the feather and fan section, I've fallen in love with this pattern. Yes, I'm a bit nervous to block it, but that fear can wait. I have until mid-June to finish it. Wedding is June 19 so knit on!

With the off-season or "mud season" (what we call the time between the mountain closing, mid-April, until summer season picking up, Memorial Day), I have picked up a book to read. I like the sociological approach to the book. I've also needed a vegan pick-me-up since we vegans out here are few and far between.

And to munch on while I read... vegan cookies from Liz Lovely in Vermont. Gluten-free options too! They are to die for.

Lots of things to occupy my time and in the meantime, The BoSox Fan and I went to see the Mets play the Rockies and the Avalanche play in the hockey playoffs. What fun! Check out a few pics on flickr.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yarns, Stockings and Gingerbread Houses

Thanksgiving 2009 - New York City & Maine

Don't buy yarn.
Don't buy yarn.
Don't buy yarn.

Woops. I bought yarn. For gifts: Hemlock Ring Blanket and a Patriots Hat.

While visiting Maine for the first time with The BoSox Fan, I visited TWO AMAZING yarn shops. First was Fiberphilia in Orono. Wow. Fiberphilia is chock-full of a fantastic selection of yarns and some of the nicest people ever. Knitty City's Pearl might have a run for her money for the best LYS owner! I will be ordering from her from now on. (And The BoSox Fan was asking MANY questions about swifts...!)

Second was Tess' Designer Yarns in Portland. Hands down most beautiful yarn shop I have ever been to. No talk necessary - just drool.

When not yarn shopping, The BoSox Fan and I helped his 8 year old sister build this.

And my knitting has been trucking along. One for me - knitty's Colonnade.

Also on the needles is my first foray into true fair isle. Knitpicks' Modern Christmas Stockings. For The BoSox Fan. I thought I'd iron out the kinks through his stocking and then make mine perfect!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick and to the Point

My Gloves.

So soft. So lucious. So yummy. So (half) finished. Pretty happy how quick these knit up. Hopefully will finish the second one tonite and then...

Christmas Stockings! These two big ol' bags filled with yummy knitpicks yarn. Oh boy! The charts are rather daunting, but I think with the apartment to myself tonite, I'll hopefully figure this out.

P.S. A horrible individual that I work with (identity unknown) stole my iPhone from outside my locker while I used the restroom. Yuck.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something Finished, Something New

Something finished: Spring Forward Socks, care of
Finally, a pair of socks for my feet. They came out wonderfully. A bit roomier than I would've planned but they're comfy. Made from some yummy Araucania Multi yarn on US 3.

Something new: Garter-Cuff Gloves, care of Weekend Knitting

My first set of gloves! I'm finally using the ultra yummy alpaca fingering weight care of Nu Leafe Alpaca (in VT) yarn I found at Rhinebeck back in 2007. The softest yarn I have ever felt! I thought knitting fingers would be difficult, but look how far I have gotten just tonight:

Next on the agenda: Christmas Stockings!