Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Let Me Back into the Country!

3 weeks in London - done.
6 days til I do it again [only a week this time]

Only 6 days until the beautiful New York Mets begin their 2008 season! This is the last season at Shea Stadium as well. Pretty soon, we'll all have to start referring to the Mets' home field as CitiField. Yuck. Along with Opening day, March 31st I get to board another Virgin Atlantic flight London-bound. Sounds crazy all of this London-ness, but here is some prettyness for all [4] of you.

My walk to work usually involved this pretty park. Buckingham Palace on one side and this awesome castle on the other.

Off to iKnit in Vauxhall, and I left with yummy only-UK yarns. First, some lucious blue dk wool spun & dyed in Yorkshire - Wensleydale Longwool. Nice and lightweight and great yardage. Hopefully a cute spring/summer top. Second is more sock yarn [cuz I needed it] from Easy Knits. Spun and dyed in South London and ONLY available at iKnit. I just HAD to buy some. How could you not with great color names like Venus as a Boy, Big Spender and When Doves Cry?

I frogged an attempt at the Crusoe socks and casted on the Fancy Gentleman's Socks. I had my stepdad try them on, and they are a touch too big. We'll see what happens. I'm using Trekking that my mom gave me for Christmas so the yarn will come full circle!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still in London...

Wondering where I am? Well, I've been calling London "home" for the past couple of weeks. Work shuttled me here, and I won't be gracing the states with my presence for another few days. But don't worry, I've managed to:

1. Buy yummy yarn at iKnit
2. Drink lots of Guinness
3. Adopt quid, loo and lift into my vocabulary
4. Decide on an Asian trek for my big-bad summer [July-ish] vacation

Yarn pics soon! And if you've been to India, Tibet, Nepal or Bhutan, please let me know!

miss me!