Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm not this cute

Now.... here's a darling little munchkin.

And I must say, what an amazing sweater! Who made THAT?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pencils Down

I'm Done!

Pattern: Winter Wonderland Pullover from Creature Comforts
Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line, 5 and 7s
Alterations: Attempted to knit in the round first. Scrapped that plan at sleeves.

Now, my seams are rather primitive but the little tyke will just have to tolerate not putting his arms down. Ah pictures of "A Christmas Story" are running through my head.

On to things for me!

Pattern: Le Slouch
Yarn: Jaeger Extra Fine Merino, 7 and 8s
Alterations: CO 102 to get gauge

A little slouchier than I had anticipated but delightful all the same. The Jaeger Extra Fine Merino that I purchased at John Lewis last october in London was delightful to knit up. Slid through my fingers, nice spring and such a softness. Delicious!

And now to seam up the Tall Tales Afghan and those Birthday Socks. But what will I cast on next? Decisions, decisions!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

gotta love 90s sitcoms

Lots of knitting has been accomplished once I found the glory of watching old 90s sitcoms on my trusty ibook. That's right, I've been catching up on some of classics like Boy Meets World, Clarissa Explains It All and some pathetic attempts to watch My So-Called Life. It seems the latter is rather hard to find on my fantabulous pirated websites.

So here's some stitchy progress:

Need to sew up side seams [grr, why couldn't the pattern just work in the round?!] and attach neckband... and weave in ALL those pesky ends.

Birthday Socks
On to the heel flap! These have been wonderful to knit up once I was enlightened to the glory of Sensational Knitted Socks. And thank you Allena for being a good knitting friend and suggesting that I knit these little wonders on a bigger needle size. Since I'm a very tight knitter, the original socks barely fit around a water bottle! Hopefully Margaret will like these insane rastafarian socks! Similar looking to Jaywalkers...

thanks everyone for the 3-needle BO suggestion. things are coming together on this on. just need to sew up the seams and then CO the border!

And a detail. I'm just so proud!

Le Slouch
So close to finishing. 16" circular is too small so in my quest to find my 8 DPNs, what did I find? 6s, 7s, 15s... no 8s! Grr. That means that I HAD to go to amazon and I HAD to buy 8 DPNs and 1s and 2s and 0s and a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks and a copy of Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. Y'know, I just had to.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bring on the yarn!

thanks to allena i now am a member of blue moon fiber arts' fantastic rockin' sock club. man o man, when i saw the sockaholic's pic of a most recent received shipment, i stared salivating. practically edible those yarns look. now some people might think spending $210 in one fell swoop on yarn that you haven't picked out is crazy but any sock knitter [or any knitter for that matter] knows that this is the mecca of all knitting. i can't wait!

my wonderful knitting group, sit n' knit, is having a sock exchange. now, i will be using some of the new yummy socks that rock yarn but what pattern will i try? hmm...

current projects:
winter wonderland: second sleeve was completed while watching 2 luscious hours of 24. the body of the sweater is what i will tackle tonight. UPDATE - front is completed. onto the back.

le slouch: decreasing away! need size 8 DPNs.

margaret's birthday sock: there's a good inch on 'em. being set aside so that i can finish the pullover and the afghan [status on this later.]

Monday, February 12, 2007

ready to make... some knitting!

ah the glory of the internet, or the lack thereof. no i don't steal internet [i "borrow" from my landlord upstairs, password and all], but lately i haven't been able to get on. grrr... so no knitting pics now. thankfully i've had my le slouch and a new pair of socks to keep me entertained. and what else kept me entertained...

the grammys!

usually i don't care about or for awards shows but this tickled my fancy since two of my favs were nominated - red hot chili peppers and the dixie chicks. i might be a jersey girl raised by queens/brooklyn-bred parents but i love my fire-spitting texans! i happily saw their documentary alone - the only movie that i've seen alone in the theaters. i saw them at the garden last year and screamed at the top of my lungs to every word of every fantastic song. and those immensely talented musicians won all 5 of the grammys they were nominated for [album, record, song, country album, country song]. yee haw! sweet victory from the business after a painful showing by their fans of boycotting their music. buy their cds, download their music - learn the glory of the chicks!

back to knitting... as i watched this
i started my decreases on wonderful le slouch. almost done!

and as i smiled with joy and glee at this...

i began some crazy socks for margaret's bday. granted, her birthday has passed but when she saw this yarn, she asked/demanded/pleaded "can i have socks out of that?" how can i, as a generous lovely knitter, say no?

must make second sleeve
must make second sleeve

Friday, February 2, 2007

sititch and be happy

here's the baby sweater in progress.... the little munchkin currently has one sleeve. does he really need two? i mean, come on. gucci probably has something fancy on the runway with one sleeve and no neckline. i'm starting a trend! i'm using knitpicks mainline yarn. so soft and great. i love knitpicks. a+ in my book.

i currently have another eye infection. so not fun. so frustrating particularly because i had this problem already - a corneal ulcer. drops in my eye every hour, ointment at night, wearing glasses, ugh! this happened last october and now i'm debating whether or not i should be wearing contacts, especially if they're going to cause me this much trouble. and don't even ask about lasik. i don't need to be that 1 person they mess up. as you can tell, i have enough eye problems. thankfully i can still see... it is a little blurry though...

eye drops anyone?

psst... feb 16th, pitchers & catchers report!!