Sunday, September 23, 2007

Counting down...

Postseason is almost upon us. Given that my stomach feels like it has been on a rollar coaster for the past week or two, I felt the need to hark back to a simpler time. A time when I wore keds and side ponytails. But more importantly, a time when my Kings of Queens were Kings of Baseball. Enjoy.

I signed up for the Secret of the Stole but am not sure what yarn to purchase. Three options: Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Sand Heather, Shadow in Lost Lake Heather or maybe a Zephyr 2/18 but I can't find one that I like. Ideas?

Knitting with my cohorts on Saturday, we discussed my [insert your own adjective here] evening plans going to Dave & Buster's for a birthday. Oh. My. Well, it did allow me to drink large beers and win useless crap. Like this biting elephant. Cuz everyone needs a ... biting ... elephant.

Thankfully I didn't knit drunk. Or did I. Why, you ask? This one middle cable looks a tad longer than the rest. Does this mean that I can't count to ten?

Speaking of counting...
Get Mets Merized!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who Loves September?

Well, I don't. The weather has been lovely. Austin was fantastic. Work hasn't totally killed me. So why don't I like Septembers?

Baseball, that's why. The regular season is coming to an end, and the Mets [originally] had the pennant in the bag. In a suitcase. Dude, that pennant was signed, sealed and delivered. But instead, they decided to make it interesting. Too interesting. They are making it too easy for the Phillies to steal [that's right STEAL] the pennant. They better wake up because if they want to keep THIS fan [don't worry; they will], they better start playing real baseball.

In other baseball news, check out New York Magazine's latest article on my grandfather's favorite and only baseball team - the Brooklyn Dodgers.

In knitting news, my left front of the CPH has been complete [yeah!]. After a short "where the HELL did that needle go" fit at 11:30pm tonight, I immediately cast on the right front.

I also signed up for the Secret of the Stole and am using some of my Skacel Alpaca Seta yarn in a delicious light camel color. Unfortunately, since I only have 600 yards, I need to track down more. Who knew knitting from your stash would mean you need to buy more yarn?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look What You Missed

Austin. Wow. While you were sitting in your air-conditioned apartments, I paraded around a 14+ acre park with tens of thousands of music fans in scorching heat. Here's why you need to get your tickets to Austin City Limits 2008.

1. Heat. 95 degrees, limitless humidity. Gray tank tops turning black. 8 hours in this was ... there are no words.
2. Bob Dylan opening with "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35." Unfortunately, he sounded like someone was stepping on his vocal cords the whole time. But it doesn't matter. It's Bob Dylan!
3. A car. You need one of these to get around. Especially if you want breakfast. Otherwise, you'll end up having brunch at the 4 Seasons since you can't find anything else.
4. Tom's Shoes. Every time you buy a pair of these totally comfy slip-ons, "Tom" donates a pair to shoeless children in Argentina. And they're cheap. Buy a pair!
5. Marley. Ziggy. Stephen. Wow. Too bad Damian didn't show up out of nowhere, but more unbelievable sets.
6. Fire. No, not a bonfire but an actual fire! Flames and billowing smoke were a sight to see after a trailer caught fire during Pete Yorn's set. Thankfully no one was injured. But... wow.
7. Some unbelievable funk/jazz/alt-country coming from the WaMu tent. My top two - Railroad Earth and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
8. Katie had to leave early to work yesterday. Boo.
9. $3 cocktails! $3 cocktails! I have been living in NYC too long.

10. KNITTING! That's right!

Thanks to Allena, I made the $30 cab right to The Knitting Nest and picked up a sweater's worth of Peace Fleece, one of Allena's project bags and a few skeins of Kathmandu Aran in a delicious heathered green. Stacy was one of the nicest women. We chatted about yarn, ACL and NY knitting shops for a while. She has free WiFi, a great selection of yarn and fiber project bags and will print projects for you. I will definitely be returning.

So much more to talk about - big floppy hats, Pat the coolest cab driver, dumb-as-rocks "concierge" at our hotel.

What a concert. What a town.

Friday, September 14, 2007

What are You Doing on Sunday Night?

I'm seeing Bob Dylan! Why? Because I'm going to Austin City Limits!

More knitting when I return!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Charts Aren't English

I have never read a chart before. Any pattern that I have seen has had the row description below it, so I just jumped to this row-by-row explanation and ignored the chart. Onto the CPH. How hard could it be, I thought. Well, my cables are now reversed.

My lovely knitters at our mini-BBQ alerted me of this. Wabi Sabi Allena said. Hmm, maybe this looks a lot yummier than the written pattern. I'm using Lorna's Laces Worsted and it was well worth the purchase. The most luscious, springiest yarn. I can't wait to finish it.

And the other projects that have kept me busy - Chevron Scarf and the Monkey socks. Remember, silly me, mediumweight means some heavy sock yarn! These huge socks would never fit my lovely Philly friend. Oh well. At least Daddy's feet will be warm.

Sock Number 2