Monday, January 28, 2008

Too Productive?

Back from wonderful skiing and what do I have to prove for it?

1. Finished Anastasia socks, to be blocked.

2. 3 wristlettes, one that my wonderful cousin permanently borrowed

3. Beginnings of the Plaited Cable Scarf

4. A continuous fear of seaming my CPH
5. More yarn!!

6. A team to cheer for in Sunday's Super Bowl. Go Big Blue!

That's what I got from spending a week at 10,000+ feet above sea level. What about you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't Work - Play with THIS!

KnitPro will generate any image into a knitting/needlepoint pattern. I'm in love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bring on the Snow!

The annual family ski adventure will be upon us starting tomorrow. My crazy, silly, loud ski-obsessed family will be embarking on our pilgrimmage to Frisco, CO for MLK weekend o'snowy fun. Hopefully, apres ski trip, I'll have more finished knitting and maybe some new yarn...!

Speaking of knitting:

Sock #1 of the Anastasia Socks. Such a fun sock and now that I've down my first toe-up, I'm in love! Why would I ever do a cuff down again? Allena, you were right!

Now, the CPH. I'm having a stupid moment with the hood. Pattern states to knit across holder stitches [of the front] but my yarn is on the other side [from original stitches, not with new ball of yarn]. I'm assuming that the knitting police won't come and get me if I just fudge this ... right?


I'll recruit my Sit-n-Knit helpers!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leading off: Central Park Hoodie
I finally threw my fears of "it won't fit" into the wind and blocked my CPH. It's almost dry and is looking yummy. Yes, my sleeves will probably be too long but who cares! I want to wear my first sweater already... even if it is 65 degrees out.

Second batter: Just Like a Peasant Cap
Such a fun pattern with the most delicious Malabrigo yarn. Unfortunately, I ran out of the yarn and need to find more. I put a call into What's Needling U in Frisco, CO where I bought it. Knit NY also has some, but it's not the same colorway. Hmm...

Newest Arrival: Anastasia Socks
My first toe-up socks! Go me! And it was fairly easy. With a crochet cast-on as my provisional and a straightforward short-row toe [from the pattern and on knitty], I was good to go. I was rather impressed with how it worked. And the pattern is fun, easy to memorize and does work well with a variegated yarn. And the yarn - Colinette Jitterbug in Fruit Coulis I got at Loop in Islington, London.

Batting clean-up: More Yarn!
No pics yet, but lovely mommy gave me trekking sock yarn and some fresh-from-the-farm handspun from the Poconos. Yup - yarn handspun from sheep raised in the Poconos. Thanks Mommy!

Next up: Finish these damn projects, young lady!