Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are YOU doing on your summer vacation?

The age-old question for all children and teens departing school in mid/end June. Now that it's almost August, I can finally start enjoying my summer with...

Daddy and I are hopping a Honduras-bound plane and diving for an entire week come a week from Saturday. It's been quite some time since I've strapped on my BC and purged my regulator so I was very happy to get this in the mail:

It's my PADI dive manual. I lost my old one [or it's buried in a box at either my Dad's or my Mom's house] so I need to brush up since it's been 10+ years. Next up, bathing suit shopping [as the chills run up and down my spine]. But the more important matter at hand ... what will I knit?

Probably my Tall Tales Cardigan for one of the imminent births by the many very-prego coworkers.

Enjoyed knitting the back on a Bronx-bound 6 train. Notice the lovely seats. Then came the front. I love these little giraffes!

Still working on the Solstice Slip socks from the tiny-footed Lee. Should be done shortly. Thanks for the tips on using Magic Loop. I just might start that. Thankfully the lovely owner of Yarntopia on the "Upper" West Side had some Clovers for me.

These both will probably be done before I go "leavin' on a jet plane." Hmm... more socks to bring? What is good tropical weather, chillin-on-the-beach knitting?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Someone's Out To Get Me

Why? See the following scenarios.

Scenario #1
Anyone: How many DPNs have you broken?
Me: TWO!

That's right. I've snapped two KnitPicks DPNs, size 1. Not while knitting, mind you but while in my bag. I snapped one in London but since the wonderful KnitPicks sets come with 6 needles, I knew I'd be in the clear. Yeah... NO! Snapped another one just last week. So now, I have this:

The Slip-Stitch Sock from one of the 2007 installments from the Rockin' Sock Club. So I should buy another set of DPNs, right? Well, I can't. Why? No money. Why?

Scenario #2
Someone stole my ATM card number and spent all of my money and then some at a Home Depot in Missouri. This was over a week ago, and I have spoken to 5 different Citibank people, written letters and said more curse words than I knew possible. Just give me back my money!

So, I've been distracting myself with knitting and the gym. Anyone who knows me knows I adore step class. Until last night.

Scenario #3
I twisted my ankle. How bad? Bad to warrant ice packs, an ace bandage and a slight limp. I guess that means more knitting time.

Since I can't finish these socks yet, I started some other fun things: A bikini! I poached the Stitch n' Bitch Queen of Hearts Bikini pattern but am using a delightful Araucania variegated yarn.

Not sure if this is gonna fit me, but it's an idea for apparel for Burning Man. And next on the agenda... another baby sweater [pics to come] and some new sock yarn! A wonderful friend and his mom got me some Lorna's Laces sock yarn from Purl Soho.

So, please powers that be that I don't believe in, I know things come in threes. Don't throw anymore bad-ness my way.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Been a while, eh? I've been productive [shocking, I know]! What have I been doing?

1. Bought the new 3G iPhone. I was one of "those" people that waited in line for over 4 hours from 6:30am to buy one of those delightful metal cutie pies.

2. Solstice Slip Sock, one of those encounters of 2007's Rockin' Sock Club. Teeny weeny feet [size 5!] for my beloved Leetle.

3. Burning Man parapharnelia. First up, bikini tops! Let's just hope that these little knitted numbers can hold my goodies. Next up, flowers and kerchiefs. Other ideas?

4. Watching my Mets win 9 in a row. 9. NINE!!! Oh-so-proud.

5. Breaking my camera. Ugh, crappers, egad, poop! No clue what happened or what I did. Hence no pictures. Hopefully the camera gods will be good to me [or just those peeps at B&H].