Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Knitting? Sorta... I finished that Aran Scarf for the "boy." The "boy" is someone that I met in London that I took a fancy to. Bummer that I won't be going there anymore to see him. Oh well. It gave me an excuse to knit something. And knit something I did.

Still working on smaller things like the Quick-n-dirty 2 Needle Fishnet Stockings from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation. I was working on them for Burning Man, put them down and completely forgot about them!

Speaking of Burning Man, this past Saturday I trekked out to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn (WAY out there) to a big Burning Man party called Decom = to decompress from Burning Man. Amazing. Stellar. C'est magnifique. And, might I add, we looked hot.

Update to the skiing adventure: No more Squaw. It's out to Vail. There's housing there and a more "official" feeling. And the date is rather solidified: December 1st I'm outta here. *tear*

Friday, October 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

This weekend, not only did I go to a crazy-fun swing dance party and plant trees, but I also received my neckwarmer from Sit n' Knit's Neckwarmer exchange!

Virginia made me this delightful cotton neckwarmer. I just love the bobbles. And it's big enough to hide from monsters.

My neckwarmer, the Zigzag Cowl, was tons of fun to make. Bright blue takhi botton yarn (Katy is vegan too) in a fun pattern with a great picot edge. I might have to make more cowls. Now, yes it's a bit floppy so if anyone wants to make this, don't cast on so many stitches but... that's why there are buttons!

"Secret" Aran Scarf
Why is it a secret? Merely because the recipient isn't aware of the gift. I also am going to try feverishly to knit up 350yds of Kathmandu Aran yarn in delightful olive for a gorgeous cabled scarf. Who's the recipient? A boy. *wink*

But thanks to She's Crafty in Springfield, Missouri, I was able to pick up some extra skeins of the same dye lot of this delicious yarn! Can you believe it? Missouri had the same dye lot. And check, check, checkitout

And the tree-planting. Panda and I went out to Brownsville in Brooklyn to plant trees around the Van Dyke Houses as part of the MillionTreesNYC. Super fun. So in digging these holes, we found this

Yup concrete. Heavy. Big. Annoying. But after everything, there was a tree. 450 total by all 300+ volunteers. Go us!

Thursday, October 2, 2008