Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Knitting? Sorta... I finished that Aran Scarf for the "boy." The "boy" is someone that I met in London that I took a fancy to. Bummer that I won't be going there anymore to see him. Oh well. It gave me an excuse to knit something. And knit something I did.

Still working on smaller things like the Quick-n-dirty 2 Needle Fishnet Stockings from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation. I was working on them for Burning Man, put them down and completely forgot about them!

Speaking of Burning Man, this past Saturday I trekked out to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn (WAY out there) to a big Burning Man party called Decom = to decompress from Burning Man. Amazing. Stellar. C'est magnifique. And, might I add, we looked hot.

Update to the skiing adventure: No more Squaw. It's out to Vail. There's housing there and a more "official" feeling. And the date is rather solidified: December 1st I'm outta here. *tear*

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Annie said...

Ok, I got your email yestetrday and I was like WHU?????? What happened to the peace corps? And ski instructor in Vail? When did that happen? Obviously the neckwarmer exchange was not enough time to catch up! I am very excited and happy for you with this new venture. You will be missed!!!!!