Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Annie Wants 7 Things

But first:

I need to knit.
I need to Knit.

Here are your 7 things.

1. Yes, I adore baseball, that everyone knows. Specifically, I saw game 2 of the 2000 World Series [Mets v. Yankees]. Unbelievable.

2. Obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. I have messed up many-a stitch because of this wonderful drama.

3. I have a [disgusting] nervous habit of chewing on my lip. I'll gnaw and gnaw creating rather large canker sores. Because of this, you should all believe me when I saw that Campho-Phenique is the best remedy. Yum.

4. Summer camp circa 1994, I was named "Craziest Camper" by all of the counselors. Surprised? Within a few years, I was one of those counselors.

5. I'm allergic to nothing, never have been admitted to the hospital, never broken a bone or had an operation. Super Woman!

6. My first concert was in 1986, I was 5, at FDU [Farleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ] with my mother and older brother. I saw Tiffany. The following year the three of us saw Debbie Gibson. And yes, I was a member of DGIF - Debbie Gibson International Fan Club.

7. Excluding espresso [which is not "coffeed"], I have never had a cup of coffee. Ever.

NOW I shall knit.

Let's Go Mets!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

You've Got the (W)Right Stuff...

Love the way you turn me on.

Ah, new kids on the block. Gotta love em. And those Mets. Oh, those Mets! Loved the game with my mom and her fellow library crazypants. Great way to prep myself for what was to be an insane week at work.

About 70 hour work week, worked til 2:30am on Thursday. That's all I have to say. And no knitting.

No knitting at all!

And now, as I lay on my bed watching the Mets beat the Yankees, I look at all my lovely yarn and think, "I'm just too tired."

Someone wake me up!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baseball is Simpler than Knitting


Pattern calls for me to knit another 4 inches of the armholes/shoulders/"sleeves" of my pink tank top.

I tried it on and realized, "I look ridiculous!" These are only 15 stitches wide [on each side] and the base of the v-neck is at the base of my bust. Now, maybe I should have thought this through more, but I thought, "The pattern is smarter than me," and "The picture looks right."

Grr... I'll go with it and if I need/want to, I will host a frogging party since this "pattern" has the potential of being a strange vertical lace strip breast cover.

In other News
1. Went to a winning Mets Game with Mom for Mother's Day. Yeah! So wonderful. So yummy. So Dy-No-Wright!
2. Saw The Avett Brothers on Friday night with Kate via a "I have an extra ticket to a concert" text message. They rock! Or, shall I say, they bluegrass! Thanks Kate, you adorable knitter-meets-coworker you!
2. Bought 3 awesome books today:

So, You Want to Join the Peace Corps...

Crimes Against Nature

Bush Versus the Environment

I'm on a "Let's Learn about the Environment, how the government has messed it up and how we can change it" kick.

Peace Corps Update
Awaiting my medical packet to arrive.
Met a former Volunteer - awesome!
Trying to keep mouth shut at work.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday night, already?

With only 15 hours before Sit n' Knit's Sock Exchange, I feverishly knitted - on the subway, at home and... at happy hour. Yes, weekly drinking shenanigans had to make room for knitting. PBRs and mac-n-cheese at the Hog Pit later, I still wasn't done yet. Back to Brooklyn I went, an episode of The Sopranos, two of Entourage and one watching of Mallrats later, I was FINALLY DONE! Here comes the blocking. At 2am. Washed in my lovely green Ecover laundry detergent [for delicates!], I felt confident and passed out.

9am - socks not dry
10am - go to spinning praying socks will dry
11:30am - socks still not dry
noon - shower, get dressed, right nice card, prepare wrapping
12:30pm - sock "dry enough"
1:30pm - arrive in Sheep's Meadow only to call sis-in-law 3 times because I couldn't find my fellow knitters
2:30pm - Aileen gives me these delicious numbers along with NY Mets stickers!! You ROCK!

2:35pm - give Judy-in-Progress her socks; she notices their "dampness;" we all laugh

Now, the rest of Cinco de Mayo, or Cinco de Drinko as my friends and I like to call it, ended on a ... much ... different ... note.

4:30pm - first 50 oz. margarita; Jason and I share
4:45 - 5:30pm - eat, drink, be merry
6pm - second 50 oz margarita; Jason, Amanda and I share
7pm - third 50 oz margarita; Jason, Amanda and I share

Only made it through the 3rd inning of the Mets game.


What happened last night? Those times don't sound right. Well, it was a Cinco de Drinko to remember. And today, I had these goodies to ogle

Check out the new copy of Interweave Knits. And, for all those that care about my "I will never find the right pink" for my cowl pink fuzzy tank top, rest assured I found it! I returned to Purl Soho to return the lonely pink skein that didn't match. One of the salesgirls remembered me and my ill-fated purchasing.

"This wouldn't work?" she said [I hate that I don't know her name], handing me a hank.

"Wait a minute," I said as I pulled out a swatch of my yarn. "It WILL work!"

And speaking of swatches, here's my first real true swatch. And it grew.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

2 ½ Days Left

Yell at Nicole
Before my knitting group's Secret Feet Sock Exchange. Someone please light a fire under my arse so that I finish the second sock. Last week, with lots of auctions and other work whosiwhatsits, I worked about 70 hours last week. I then took the weekend to take a voyage of beer [yummy Heartland], drop some dough at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, do some much-needed laundry and... sleep. When did I knit? Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

My Mom is Better than Your Mom
The best piece of my weekend? My mom sent me a box of lucious goodies:

- bag of zucchini puffs [like bread only in mini-muffin shapes]
- a mini-loaf of banana bread
- a copy of the Harlot's new Casts Off

I scarfed down those puffs - you can't say no to Mommy's cooking. Mmm... A pic would've shown up but... I was too busy eating them. Thanks Mumu! You rock! Maybe some new socks in your future...?

Must knit
Must knit