Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's 57 days until Burning Man!! And I already have purchased these amazing fluffies!

You would think I'd be knitting knitting KNITTING. Well, I sort of am. I'm also attempting to understand sewing and not be so petrified of the machine that sews. This bag of goodies will hopefully help me complete my first sewing project. Lining fabric I still need.

I also have fallen in love with my cookbook - Vegan Yum Yum. Wow! So instead of mentioning how little time I have left to knit, I'll leave you with pictures of my dinner.

Tahini Lemon Rice & Beans

Corn Fritters

The rice dish I cooked with Israeli Couscous instead of brown rice. And this was my first foray with using Old Bay. Took too long to find it at the store. Adore the flavors but the sauce mixture could definitely be used for maybe another 1-2 servings. And the fritters remind me of Thanksgiving as a kid, fighting with my cousin over corn fritters. Man, I love this.

Silly idea that entered my head: do a Julie & Julia, Vegan YumYum-style!

Recipes completed: 3 (1 not photographed)

Pictures from this year's Apogaea (Colorado's regional burning man). I actually was able to snap a few.

And let's not discuss today's epic failure of Francisco Rodriguez's save opportunity for the Mets against the Nationals. Man. I want my team to 100% show up! Not just the hitting but the pitching too! And... oh wait, let's not discuss this.