Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yarns, Stockings and Gingerbread Houses

Thanksgiving 2009 - New York City & Maine

Don't buy yarn.
Don't buy yarn.
Don't buy yarn.

Woops. I bought yarn. For gifts: Hemlock Ring Blanket and a Patriots Hat.

While visiting Maine for the first time with The BoSox Fan, I visited TWO AMAZING yarn shops. First was Fiberphilia in Orono. Wow. Fiberphilia is chock-full of a fantastic selection of yarns and some of the nicest people ever. Knitty City's Pearl might have a run for her money for the best LYS owner! I will be ordering from her from now on. (And The BoSox Fan was asking MANY questions about swifts...!)

Second was Tess' Designer Yarns in Portland. Hands down most beautiful yarn shop I have ever been to. No talk necessary - just drool.

When not yarn shopping, The BoSox Fan and I helped his 8 year old sister build this.

And my knitting has been trucking along. One for me - knitty's Colonnade.

Also on the needles is my first foray into true fair isle. Knitpicks' Modern Christmas Stockings. For The BoSox Fan. I thought I'd iron out the kinks through his stocking and then make mine perfect!