Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baseball is Simpler than Knitting


Pattern calls for me to knit another 4 inches of the armholes/shoulders/"sleeves" of my pink tank top.

I tried it on and realized, "I look ridiculous!" These are only 15 stitches wide [on each side] and the base of the v-neck is at the base of my bust. Now, maybe I should have thought this through more, but I thought, "The pattern is smarter than me," and "The picture looks right."

Grr... I'll go with it and if I need/want to, I will host a frogging party since this "pattern" has the potential of being a strange vertical lace strip breast cover.

In other News
1. Went to a winning Mets Game with Mom for Mother's Day. Yeah! So wonderful. So yummy. So Dy-No-Wright!
2. Saw The Avett Brothers on Friday night with Kate via a "I have an extra ticket to a concert" text message. They rock! Or, shall I say, they bluegrass! Thanks Kate, you adorable knitter-meets-coworker you!
2. Bought 3 awesome books today:

So, You Want to Join the Peace Corps...

Crimes Against Nature

Bush Versus the Environment

I'm on a "Let's Learn about the Environment, how the government has messed it up and how we can change it" kick.

Peace Corps Update
Awaiting my medical packet to arrive.
Met a former Volunteer - awesome!
Trying to keep mouth shut at work.


Annie said...

Wabi Sabi!

Debbie said...

maybe we need to switch - I'll knit your cowl and you do the placket baby sweater b/c I'm having the same issues. OY!