Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Been a while, eh? I've been productive [shocking, I know]! What have I been doing?

1. Bought the new 3G iPhone. I was one of "those" people that waited in line for over 4 hours from 6:30am to buy one of those delightful metal cutie pies.

2. Solstice Slip Sock, one of those encounters of 2007's Rockin' Sock Club. Teeny weeny feet [size 5!] for my beloved Leetle.

3. Burning Man parapharnelia. First up, bikini tops! Let's just hope that these little knitted numbers can hold my goodies. Next up, flowers and kerchiefs. Other ideas?

4. Watching my Mets win 9 in a row. 9. NINE!!! Oh-so-proud.

5. Breaking my camera. Ugh, crappers, egad, poop! No clue what happened or what I did. Hence no pictures. Hopefully the camera gods will be good to me [or just those peeps at B&H].

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Mz Kwooz said...

Dude--take pictures with your IPHONE! That's what it's there for! I gotta a new one, tooo. yup. 4.5 hours. whatever. I knit 1/2 a sleeve.