Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Steal My Knitting!

7pm. East Harlem. Pick-Pocketing.
Me carrying: dry cleaning, clean laundry, day bag

Approach take-out place
What was that rustling?
Boy runs off
That boy stole my knitting!

I run, carrying said objects in flip-flops, up 2nd avenue around the corner.
Should I drop my stuff? No.
"Stop him!" "Help!" "Please"

I stop. I won't catch him.

"Is everything okay?" a nice bystander carrying heavy furniture says.
"He'll drop the knitting once he realizes it's not your wallet."

And there is my knitting bag, in the middle of street thrown away like trash.

I rescue it.

This punk violated me and my knitting.


Mz Kwooz said...


glad you're safe...

Kate said...

9 lives baby

Debbie said...

holy crap! He just grabbed your knitting bag off the ground? geesh! you're totally lucky - be careful out there

misplacedpom said...

I bet he felt like a dumb shit after that. Hooray for theives not being into yarn!

limonene said...

My goodness, that's got to be scary. Glad that you're OK.

Annie said...

Oh my GAWD. Sometimes it's a good thing that not everyone is in love with knitting the way we are.

Glad you're ok!

Shameka said...

I am happy that you are safe. And even happier that he dropped the bag, and you were able to reclaim your precious yarn. To bad you didn't have size 13 needles in there to gouge his eyes out.