Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RIP - Willie Randolph

The Mets have fired coach Willie Randolph. Not sure how I feel about it. My boys haven't been doing THAT well as of late [hence my lack of commentary]. I just hope that Jerry Manuel does a good job and the boys upstairs don't start kicking themselves over letting their skipper go.

Enough baseball talk. A few other tidbits.

1.) My first cotton purchase!

It's Takhi Cotton in the most gorgeous (Mets) blue. I'll be making knitty's Everlasting Bagstopper [finally]. Not sure how important gauge is since my yarn is a bit off. We'll see.

2.) I'm taking a break from my mohair tank, self-explanatory given the heat, and picked up (what else?) but a UFO scarf! Yes, in this 90 degree heat, I decide to knit a scarf. Hey, at least I'm not casting on yet another project to just end up sitting there and not being finished.

3.) Thoughts on VERY large bridal parties? My [male] cousin is having 11 ushers. 11! ELEVEN. I think it's ridiculous and will make that god-for-saking ceremony that much longer. Anyone wanna go for me?


misplacedpom said...

Dude, how cute are ushers? I'd totally go for you if they're cute.

Mz Kwooz said...

Yeah--how old is your cousin? I have this theory that the younger the bride or groom the more bridesmaids/ushers there are. If you get married at like, say, 40, there's like one person who stands up for you. If you marry at 21--there'll be 21 people in your bridal party!


Debbie said...

He's the same age as we were when we got married, but I don't think I know 11 people, that's why I only had 3. Let me know how the cotton knits up, my previous diversions from wool only included a soy yarn which was awful to knit with. miss you