Friday, February 2, 2007

sititch and be happy

here's the baby sweater in progress.... the little munchkin currently has one sleeve. does he really need two? i mean, come on. gucci probably has something fancy on the runway with one sleeve and no neckline. i'm starting a trend! i'm using knitpicks mainline yarn. so soft and great. i love knitpicks. a+ in my book.

i currently have another eye infection. so not fun. so frustrating particularly because i had this problem already - a corneal ulcer. drops in my eye every hour, ointment at night, wearing glasses, ugh! this happened last october and now i'm debating whether or not i should be wearing contacts, especially if they're going to cause me this much trouble. and don't even ask about lasik. i don't need to be that 1 person they mess up. as you can tell, i have enough eye problems. thankfully i can still see... it is a little blurry though...

eye drops anyone?

psst... feb 16th, pitchers & catchers report!!


Debbie said...

The sweater looks great - I'm jealous of the intarsia giraffes! And as for the eye issues, maybe you should stop wearing contacts for a while, just see how it goes (pun not intended).

Annie said...

That sweater looks adorabale!!! Go for the second sleeve! :-)