Monday, February 12, 2007

ready to make... some knitting!

ah the glory of the internet, or the lack thereof. no i don't steal internet [i "borrow" from my landlord upstairs, password and all], but lately i haven't been able to get on. grrr... so no knitting pics now. thankfully i've had my le slouch and a new pair of socks to keep me entertained. and what else kept me entertained...

the grammys!

usually i don't care about or for awards shows but this tickled my fancy since two of my favs were nominated - red hot chili peppers and the dixie chicks. i might be a jersey girl raised by queens/brooklyn-bred parents but i love my fire-spitting texans! i happily saw their documentary alone - the only movie that i've seen alone in the theaters. i saw them at the garden last year and screamed at the top of my lungs to every word of every fantastic song. and those immensely talented musicians won all 5 of the grammys they were nominated for [album, record, song, country album, country song]. yee haw! sweet victory from the business after a painful showing by their fans of boycotting their music. buy their cds, download their music - learn the glory of the chicks!

back to knitting... as i watched this
i started my decreases on wonderful le slouch. almost done!

and as i smiled with joy and glee at this...

i began some crazy socks for margaret's bday. granted, her birthday has passed but when she saw this yarn, she asked/demanded/pleaded "can i have socks out of that?" how can i, as a generous lovely knitter, say no?

must make second sleeve
must make second sleeve

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Debbie said...

I figured you'd be happy about the Grammy's and all the wins that the Dixie Chicks took home. How's that second sleeve coming?