Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still in London...

Wondering where I am? Well, I've been calling London "home" for the past couple of weeks. Work shuttled me here, and I won't be gracing the states with my presence for another few days. But don't worry, I've managed to:

1. Buy yummy yarn at iKnit
2. Drink lots of Guinness
3. Adopt quid, loo and lift into my vocabulary
4. Decide on an Asian trek for my big-bad summer [July-ish] vacation

Yarn pics soon! And if you've been to India, Tibet, Nepal or Bhutan, please let me know!

miss me!


Debbie said...

I'm beginning to think that you'll come back with a British accent. We've got books on India, if you want them, and Paul's been too.

See you....soon?

misplacedpom said...

Are you ready for a seaming party to welcome you back? Come on, you know you want to finish that CPH badboy!!