Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wow, what a Season!

It's been too long and not enough knitting. There has been plenty of skiing though. I devoted this entire ski season to pass my next level of certification of being a ski instructor. And I passed! 106 hours of training later. Well worth it. And now... in late April, I see this

Another foot of snow on the ground. And with the mountain closed, all I can do is stare at the white stuff. But I have my knitting. I've been working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket for a while, battling with rows 31-39 for months. I refused to knit for a week or more. The BoSox Fan even told me that I might need to give up.

BUT NO! I kept going and begging ravelers for help and here is what the wedding gift looks like now:

Halfway through the feather and fan section, I've fallen in love with this pattern. Yes, I'm a bit nervous to block it, but that fear can wait. I have until mid-June to finish it. Wedding is June 19 so knit on!

With the off-season or "mud season" (what we call the time between the mountain closing, mid-April, until summer season picking up, Memorial Day), I have picked up a book to read. I like the sociological approach to the book. I've also needed a vegan pick-me-up since we vegans out here are few and far between.

And to munch on while I read... vegan cookies from Liz Lovely in Vermont. Gluten-free options too! They are to die for.

Lots of things to occupy my time and in the meantime, The BoSox Fan and I went to see the Mets play the Rockies and the Avalanche play in the hockey playoffs. What fun! Check out a few pics on flickr.

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