Thursday, January 25, 2007

ticket for jaywalking and not reading patterns thoroughly

first off... i have misplaced the cable that attaches from my camera to my computer so no pictures. i apologize to all [none] of you out there. the cable, i think, is across the pond in london living with my old roommate. i hope to regain said cable in next weekend when i make the transatlantic voyage [for business].

down to business...

THIIIIIS close to finishing my second pair of jaywalkers. lovely katie, another old roommate, is the recipient. they were supposed to be a christmas present but oh well. red/white lorna's laces, a purl soho exclusive. mmm, tasty

two other gifts = pullover and an afghan.

Afghan: about 20-odd squares all on stitch holders. do i bind off and seam them together? do i kitchener them together [tried that = eek!] or, as was recommended, a 3-needle bind off?

Pullover: completely frustrating since i didn't read the pattern well enough to notice that it is to be knit flat NOT in the round; furthermore, you can't JUST knit in the round for a flat-written pattern. there is not spot for arms!

anyone want a sweater sans-sleeves?


HPNY Knits said...

3 needle bind off in one color, maybe a dark navy or something- to contrast and give a uniform look can work very well and it is the easiest.

Debbie said...

Aaah, you have a blog!! You make me want to have one :-(

I still say we attack the afghan together one day, we can bang it out for sure - power to the knitta! And ew, I had to create a google account!

Debbie said...

hey yo. brother here. I love the rival blogging that has started up between you and Deb. I propose a unification with the afghan work. Ah, afghans, better tell nana about this... Plus a unification between the two of you ('competing bloggers') while working on an afghan is kind of interesting in that we could compare it to rival tribal warlords in Afghanistan 'working' with the US military. One more thing, I love DVR.

Knitting Ewe said...

Hey fellow blogger. I have a suggestion for the sweater. Have you ever hear of steeking? It’s really scary, but there are patterns that call for it, it is a way of knitting in the round – and then cutting the knitting to make arm holes, or a cardigan. There is a great article about it (and some patterns using the technique) in the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. They also show how to do a crocheted reinforcement if the cutting totally freaks you out. Let me know if you give the steeking a shot – it will make for several great blog entries! Oh, and if your digital camera has a memory card you might be better off just getting a card reader. They plug into any USB port and they are suppose to tranfer the picture at a higher resolution. Blog on! Allena