Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Should Be Sleeping

Weekend recap time!

Friday Night
I saw The Simpsons Movie with friends and had a blast! See it! If you like/love/adore/obsess over the show, see the movie. End of discussion. Oh, and I hacked off my hair [shoulder length to above-the-chin] and added very bold red highlights. Me pretty!

Penelope, Allena, Tawana [congrats miss preggers!!] and I met up to enhance our stashes [even Penelope!] at Knit NY's sale. Unfortunately, nothing tickled our fancy. So, what oh what should we do [after making a pitstop at the apple store]?

Go to Purl Soho!

"Knit yourself a sweater, Nicole."
... that's why I have the Pear Tree yarn for the openwork sweater I will design.
"Oh whatever. Make the Central Park Hoodie."
... so much yarn, so much money. I'll buy cheap online.
"But you need to love the yarn and it should last. Buy here."

10 minutes of debating later... I bought some yummilicious Lorna's Lace's Shepherd Worsted.

And yes, of COURSE, I'm making a gauge swatch!

Baby knitting is coming along wonderfully. A few annoyances here and there [look at the shoulder BO area. Yeah, why did I BO with yellow? Who knows.] I'm so psyched to start the bands. FO soon!

I don't hate the idea of knitting these flat as much anymore. I am improving my seaming. "Improving" is the operative word. In the future, though, I will alter the pattern to knit it in the round. Why seam if you don't have to?

And ravelry. Oh, ravelry. It's 1am and I obsessed with updating my projects.

I need to sleep.


Mz Kwooz said...

Yay! Sleeve done and seamed! Can't wait to see that CPH swatch...
Remember--if you buy it, you must knit it!

Annie said...

Dude, why didn't you call me? I love yarn, too.

Knitting Ewe said...

The sweater looks awesome!

It's such a great post to be able to show the yarn for the sweater that you plan to knit while at the same time showing the sweater that you are just finishing!

Ann said...

Thanks for the comment! The Lorna's for the CPH looks fabulous! What a great color!

Debbie said...

you're knitting a sweater? dude! and you cut your hair? say what? we're back from Spain and you betcha I bought Spanish yarn :)