Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ain't No 4th Without Yarn

My lovely SIL Debbie has the greatest and oldest ball-winder. So with about 7 skeins to wind, off we went.

Look at me go!

Two pairs of Socks that Rock [bottom] - one for me and one for daddy. Just have to see if the Rockin' Sock Clubs pattern isn't too "girly" for my masculine father. The two lucious oranges, now what will I do with those? Knit Picks Gossamer. Hmm... Ideas?

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Mz Kwooz said...

When you find the perfect thing to do with a gazillion yards of laceweight, let me know. I've got like a problem with lace yarn being content enough to stay in stash without calling out what it wants to be. Bastards.
(Oh, no ballet for me tomorrow because I have to work late. damn. you going?)