Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If You Like Pina Colada...

Some random tidbits for you all!

Austin City Limits
I'm going! I'm going! Katie and I bought tickets and I'm ready to experience 3 days of outdoor music and fun. I can't WAIT! Now where will I go yarn shopping? Austin, TX yarn shops, anyone?

A Mets Cookbook
As my mother was watching a Mets game, she heard our lovely announcers speak of a Mets cookbook. Oh my! Must google! And found I did. Granted, it looks a little ghetto but it might have to be purchased for its 80s glory. Pick up your copy of GourMets today!

I found an interesting article on Local Harvest about the distance that your food travels to get to you. Very interesting.

I'm going! New York Sheep and Wool Festivalwill need to prepare itself for my arrival. Lovely Kate will be driving as I provide the necessary driving munchies. We just might purchase a sheep.

Cache-Couer Bergamo
I'm really loving this pattern. I have tried it on post-armhole seaming and realized that I will need to block the HELL out of this. It comes barely underneath my bust. Next time I will pick the proper bust measurement that goes with the FULLEST part of my chest. Yeah, I didn't think about that part one. Fingers-crossed it fits. Here's a detail of the side bands...

Tall Tales Cardigan
Remember the Tall Tales Afghan that took me FOREVER to make? Well, it was supposed to come together with this cardigan. Since I have slacked off with my baby knitting, I started to get cracking. Hopefully this cardigan won't take a year and day the way previous baby gifts have. It will now be a birthday/christmas present for one of the many people [coworkers, friends, cousins] that have had children recently. The cutest kid wins! Here's the back.

And gettin' caught in the rain.

Anyone else get saturated in the NYC rain? My apartment smells like wet dog

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Debbie said...

OOOh, Rhinebeck, seriously considering going since you know we live in the boon-docks now and it's really not that far away.