Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Fair (not smart, either)

I started my contribution for my knitting group's Neckwarmer Exchange. Fun pattern. Gorgeous yarn. This will be wonderful, I thought.

Not so.

What's the first rule of knitting in the round kids? Don't twist your stitches. Yeah, I did.

Thankfully I have a plane ride to London on Sunday night to make up for the mishap. But I'll be missing the last home games for the Mets. Just remember kids - don't be this guy, this drunk guy at a Mets game who got decorated. Skip to around minute 7:15.


Debbie said...

How many times have we decorated your father, my husband, and you on occasion? Have fun in London, and remember "join stitches, being careful NOT to twist"!

Kate said...

Was it a reflection on how badly they were playing that all these fans were watching the drunk guy rather than the game.....!?!?!? hmmmm..... GO YANKEES