Thursday, August 21, 2008

Countdown til Burning Man

T-minus 6 days til I leave for Burning Man. I'm flying to Denver and then driving from there with my aunt. Yes, my aunt. She's super cool [drives a VW bus!] so it should be awesome. Here's the to-do list:

Slip Solstice Socks
Must finish these for Lee. Her birthday has already passed. Pardon the crude picture. Silly iPhone.

Tall Tales Cardigan
My co-worker Cait, the recipient, is already on maternity leave so I want/need to get this done. Almost there.

Lacy Cape
Since Burning Man is such an eclectic and spontaneous event, I thought I'd dig out those tacky yarns that I'm embarrassed to say that I have in my stash. Casting on about 25 stitches onto US35 and increasing 2 stitches every other row, let's see how big this gets. And yes, I'll embellish it with some tackier fun fur trim.

Jazzed-up Undies
I'll be handsewing (ugh) or fabric gluing (yeah!) a 2x3 rib onto some boyshorts and then attaching fringe. These will be for me prancing around the desert ("playa" actually) and to give to newly-made friends. They are a bit... ahem, fitted. My most creative and wacky knitting project yet!

Fishnet Stockings
While in Honduras, I attempted the Quick-n-dirty Fishnets from SnB Nation but I had the wrong needles. Since I'm a no-gauge-swatch and barely-reads-directions kind of knitter, I knitted anyway; needless to say the stockings didn't fit. Second attempt this weekend. To be knit out of Flower Power Socks that Rock, another 2007 Rockin' Sock Club installment.

Too much on my plate?

And Honduras was awesome. Grouper, octopus, lobster, sea turtles. Wowzer! But here's the bigger news: I'M MOVING TO LAKE TAHOE! That's right kids. Yours truly is packing up her life in the big city to move out to California to be a ski instructor. After debating among many offers (Vail, Taos, where oh where!), I picked Squaw Valley (1960 Winter Olympics) in Olympic Valley, CA. If anyone knows anyone out there, let me know. This will be a whole new experience for me. Move out will be first week of December. Sad yes but exciting too!


Mz Kwooz said...

Wow--absolutely everything in this blogpost was some crazy-awesome sh1t!


Debbie said...

You're crazy, but I love ya! I think that just the thought of prancing around in public in my skivvies would give me an anxiety attack so great, there would be no turning back.

misplacedpom said...

For reals? You're moving? Crazy lady!

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