Monday, March 2, 2009


And been barely knitting.

Almost 3 months and no blog posts. What have I been up to? Well, skiing, eating, drinking, laughing, going broke. It's a wonderful life out here in Vail, kids. And today and yesterday I have decided that I will be planning and carrying out some great burning man knitted ideas. Anything you'd like to see me try to knit... go for it!

Here are the jaywalkers that were hibernating under my bed while I was being swept off my feet by The BoSox Fan.

Yes, the image is horrendous. Yeah iPhones.

Burning Man list: (critiques/additions welcome)
- handcuffs
- furry halter top
- criss-cross shorties

Glad to be back!


alaskajoey said...

Welcome back!

alaskajoey said...

Ps- I own Naughty Needles if you want to borrow it. Joe bought it for me. still unsure why.