Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Does it Feel Like Christmas?

I'm not sure. This is the first Christmas I have ever been away from home. Christmas Eve is the biggest event in my family with upwards of 20-30 people, kids running around, tons of fish and grandparents usually asking the same questions. Christmas Day is recuperation day from the night before when I can fondle my new yarn and new chocolates I got stuffed in my stocking. This year I will probably be at a bar trying to score free drinks. Yes, I'm a bit down about this, but I have lots of others here to get me through.

FINALLY I have finished the Just Like a Peasant Cap. I ran out of yarn ages ago and was able to score some from Purl right before leaving the Big Apple.

Made with gorgeous Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Azul Bolita. Yum! I have a bunch extra (almost 100 yds). What should I make with it?

Other knitting news/suggestions - a good sock pattern for a guy in a black semi-solid? Yes, I've poked around on ravelry but wasn't 100%. Suggestions?

And Christmas in Vail... it's rather pretty. Lots more pictures to come (once I find the cable that connects my adorable camera to my sexy MacBook).

Apologies for the crude "I took these with my iPhone" pictures.

P.S. Leave a comment or two in between eggnog partakings. That will be my Christmas present.


Debbie said...

we miss you! It is weird with just four people (my parents are here), I can imagine how weird it is for you. Try the Earl Grey pattern for the boy socks (

Kate said...

I miss you a lot today for some reason. it was really hard getting on the plane to come back. Let's you and me do a knit exchange.