Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slow and Steady...

After my breakdown realization that committing to one project was not going to work [and Hila's wonderful explanation of why it's better for you as a knitter], I have been enjoying my Bergamo pattern. The Debbie Bliss yarn doesn't make it half-bad either!

The pattern is a purl-dot pattern that's rather simple but elegant. I'm rather intriguing on this provisional cast-on and how it all will come together.

Non-Knitting News
Panda [lovely Amanda] and I decided, on a whim while eating Indian food watching the Sopranos series finale, to finally go to the ballet. To our sheer luck, we caught one of Alessandra Ferri's final performances with ABT in Manon at the Met last night. Magical. Delicious. Impeccable. If you have the chance, see her before she says good-bye forever on June 23rd. Tickets aren't that expensive [our cheapo seats were only $35!] and well worth the beauty on stage.

I just might start dancing again...


Mz Kwooz said...

Very nice knitting!

Come take ballet class with me at Mark Morris Dance in Brooklyn! You know you want to on Thursday nights!

Debbie said...

the stitch pattern looks very nice and the color will be fabu on you dahling.

isn't the ballet wonderful?