Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Not Like My Brother

See, my brother is colorblind. It serves for enjoyable holiday dinners when everyone asks, "What color is that?" and then snickers when he says "Red" when it's really yellow. "Reddish yellow, I mean." It's side-slipping when things are "dark" or "light" just because he doesn't want to deal with our chuckles at his "disability." Now, of course he can see colors - but it's his 3 million to our 10 million.

But I felt like him over these past two days yarn shopping for a Koigu Premium Merino Wool to match my lucious pink. I can remember the color, right? Here it is...

Try #1: Downtown Yarns

Nope. Kinda dirty pink. And this was after going into Knit New York, seeing the same yarn [that I have realized in hindsight] and trekking down Avenue A to purchase what I THOUGHT was the right yarn.

Try #2: Purl Soho

Wrong again. And I even had the wonderful ladies at Purl wind 2 of my 3 skeins since I was so certain this was the right color.

Third time's a charm? I'm not so sure. Next time, I'll not only bring a swatch of the yarn [go ahead, reprimand me], but I'll bring my brother since maybe his colorblind eyes are better than mine.


Harlem Purl said...

May I suggest school producst. They have Koigu but not at a discount price or anything. They just may have your color. And remember to bring your swatch with you!(lol)

Knitting Ewe said...

Wow, that's a lot of pinks - who knew? I wish you the best in your pink quest!

Debbie said...

If you don't wan any of that koigu, I'll gladly take it off your hands - especially since my husband (your brother) will have no idea what color it is.

Annie said...

What happened to the original colorway number on the koigu tag?