Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Can Bake Too!


Banana bread was my first foray into not only vegan baking but high altitude baking. Let's just say this. Why did you need to learn how to add and subtract fractions? To bake at altitude. A conversation with my culinary-inclined mom surrounded every conversion known to man:

Tablespoons to cups
Cups to ounces
Ounces to pinches
A third of a cup into teaspoons (of yogurt!)

We laughed. We cried. It was better than cats. Baking at 8150 feet above sea level is hard. Add more water. Add less sugar. Raise oven temperature. Lower oven temperature. Man, my brain hurts. And then I had to start finagling my substitutions for animal products in my baked goods:

But, after Mom stopped laughing over the phone and I finished baking, I learned.... I can bake! At altitude!

Suggestions for my next baking foray?


Debbie said...

yogurt? that comes from cows, doesn't it?

nicolina said...

ah.... SOY yogurt! that comes from the soy cow.

alaskajoey said...

Soy cows are delish