Monday, April 21, 2008

When Bad People Happen to Good Knitting

The bad person would be me, yours truly, the silly one who lives uptown. Why am I saying that I'm a bad person? Where shall I begin:

1. Sock exchange in 2 weeks [extension, YES!] and still not at the heel of sock 1.
2. Have barely knit anything all year. All that beautiful yarn just sitting there.
3. I have a cavity [okay, not knitting-related but this proves that I'm not that good to my teeth either].

So now what? Well, knitting on subways, couches, bar stools. Ever get into that rut where your knitting, no matter who beautiful and scrumptious it is, just doesn't get the spotlight it deserves?


Annie said...


Shameka said...

I just got to the heel... but working two at a time. I hope your finished product comes out beautiful, even if the knitting mojo has left the building.