Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just Do It!

The Plaited Cable Scarf is coming along deliciously. The gauge is rather tight but steam blocking with change that. The Kraemer Yarns Summit Hill is one of the smoothest, softest yarns - no cashmere but it'll keep me warm. Then again - will it get cold again? I'm a ski nut so having barely any snow this New York winter is breaking my heart.

And the Central Park Hoodie. Oh the red-headed stepchild in my knitting basket. Poor poor hoodie. But wait! I think I found some mojo to start seaming and finishing you. The finishing article in my new Interweave Knits!

Just my quick flip of the new issue, I already have 3 patterns I want to make:
1. Flutter Sleeve Cardigan
2. Banded Peasant Blouse
3. Drawstring Chemise [but that neckline might need some alterations]

Last on my nike catchphrase list is an overhaul of my stash storage. The Container Store is one of my best friends [since I'm a crazy organized person]. Suggestions for what I should use to store my stash? Wicker baskets are just not cutting it!

1. Clear stackable drawers
2. Canvas stacking drawers

All suggestions/ideas/handmade gifts welcome!


Harlem Purl said...

I have one of those clear wrapping paper containers to hold yarn in. They're great for apartments becasue they're tall and slim so they fit in small spaces wonderfully.

p.s. I'm always keeping an eye out for you in the mornings on the 6

Annie said...

I use these for part of my stash:

That way you don't have to unstack to dig through your stash. :-)