Sunday, December 23, 2007

And... What Time is It?

A.) It's 1:29am.
B.) It's technically Christmas Eve.
C.) It's FO time!

First up: Fetching

Cute fingerless gloves courtesy of will soon keep my stepmother's hands warm. In a wonderful Wool of the Andes from knitpicks, these darlings are also the same that I chose to knit up for my knitting group's holiday party. If only I had more time for a hat, scarf or neck cozy...

Second: Monkey Socks

Finally! These god-for-saken "Who are they going to be for? They are too big. Woops, I have three extra rounds of repeats on one sock" socks are FINALLY DONE! The random repeats had to cut out. Yes, cut. Yes, I applied scissors to my hand knit socks. Penelope started and I finshed. It hurt but now... you can't tell! These will also be under the Christmas tree tonight for Papa Bear.

Third: Urchin

On a whim, I cast on this great looking beret with some random Gedifra yarn [yes, yes, acrylic.] I thought that my 12 year-old sister would be the perfect recipient. Two balls of orange and one of green. Let's just say that the hat as a lovely green patch. Hopefully she won't get beat up in school for it... You know kids these days.

Last, a wonderful co-worker/great friend surprised me with these adorable stitch markers:

Such a great friend. Let's just see what ends up under the tree for yours truly [and my needles!]

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Mz Kwooz said...

Go you! Merry Christmas!