Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boston Wins & LA Loses

It's all about the Sox! Now, yes, the wonderful Boston Red Sox have won their second world series title this millenium. Yipee! Go Sox! Speaking of socks, I should be finishing my dad's monkey socks, as his birthday is in 7 days. The mammoth of all mammoth socks should be finished... soon.

Why does LA lose, you ask? Because my beloved wonderful friend, Katie, is moving back east. The painfully bright sun was too much for her and decided that delicious New York winters were more her style. Yeah!

Aside from the monkey socks, I also have the Chevron scarf on the needles. Almost done...

Knitpicks' Gossamer yarn is so freakin' long! 440 yds per skein. Wow. For-e-ver [please say a-la Sandlot].

And the Central Park Hoodie. The sleeves are coming along. I might have to alter the sleeves slightly. I'm making the 40" bust [as the bust fairies blessed short me with a non-A cup frame] but I'm only 5'2" so my arms aren't 7 feet long. We shall see what happens. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciatly

What else do I want to make?
- secret of the stole with knitpicks Shadow
- gloves/mittens with yummy Nu Leafe Alpaca I got at Rhinebeck
- fetching out of something from my stash
- hat/scarf set with some Malabrigo Worsted

So much to knit! And honestly... I am considering holiday gifts, but man, I don't think that I have the time, what with all that I have to make for ME!

Personal news!

I moved. I moved!! Such a wonderful time for me. I moved in with some friends, and boy am I happy. My previous situation was not the best so these new digs are spantaculous. No local yarn shop though, boo. Then again, I have enough yarn. That's right! I said it!

Signing off in baseball news - David Wright on the Daily Show on 10/31/07. Check my boyfriend out!


Mz Kwooz said...

Whoa--look at you with all your knitting! When are we gonna knit together, chica?

I can help you figure out your sleeves. You'll just have to increase more often. Check your row guage and figure out how many rows will get you to the right leangth and then space out your increase rows at regular intervals along the way. (I wouldn't mess with the decreasing for the sleeve cap--do it as written so it matches the armhole fo rthe bust size of your sweater.) I know, easy for me to say....

misplacedpom said...

Now you've moved we're almost nieghbours! But not really. Meh, it's close enough :)

I second Peneolope on the sleeve lengthening and on the knitting together question.