Thursday, August 9, 2007

Let's Go Mets... I mean Knitters!

Wow! Stitch-n-Pitch was amazing. Hundreds of knitters and crocheters in Mets regalia. It was a sight to be seen, and I can't wait to go next year. Check out the photostream. Some highlights:

- Debbie Stoller handing our knitting goodie bags
- Lily Chin proudly displaying her complete Mets uniform, mitt, ball and hat
- Knitted Mets hats and banners
- My mom's rally hat
- Moises Alou's game-winning homerun

Newly cast on is the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I needed to bring something to the game that doesn't require me to read a pattern. I'm using up some Knitpicks Gossamer yarn in Rose Garden - leftovers from my first attempt at the clapotis; second attempt soon. I'm using two strands at once and it's pooling rather nicely. A snapshot pre-Mets game.

The Monkey socks [for Joey's bday] hit a snag last weekend. I knit the sock according to pattern but the heel flap looking absurdly huge. So I frogged it and made it more like a rectangle. Here's a pic to make you laugh.

Off to Florida this weekend. Should I buy yarn?

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Kristina said...

let's hear it for stitch n pitch!