Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knitters vs. Non-Knitters

Round 1.


Easter is usually the holiday when I eat too much chocolate and complain that there aren't enough vegetarian options, but not this one! My lovely SIL, cRazy sTitch, brought her ball winder over to my dad's on the Bunny Holiday for us to have some winding fun. Now, this winder has a history... about 25+ year history. I think it started in Long Island, at Debbie's childhood home, and then found it's way to Nanuet, where Debbie and Danny live now. A little before Bunny Holiday, I asked to borrow the winder so that I could finally wind not only my Socks That Rock! yarn but other skeins sitting in my stash. I didn't bring it all over but enough to keep us busy.

No swift.

How are we going to do this, I thought? Well, just stand there with your hands out, holding the hank, tilting and dancing the yarn dance and the retro winder will spin my beloved into a cute little ball/rectangle/thing.

And, some knots.

Debbie and I noticed some annoying knots in the first skein [STR] but were able to pick them out. One skein down, more to go! Bring on the yummy sock yarn from Colorado.

And, more knots.
A bigger one.
Huge knots to scare small children but not... Amanda!
And she's not a knitter!

I got very frustrated since this knot, this morphing of bad yarn, kept getting bigger and badder. I had to stop. Debbie tried. We had to stop. I had to have pie. But not Amanda. She wasn't dissuaded by the evil-knot-that-could. She hunkered down and picked that knot apart.

I had pie, Debbie's plum tart. Gotta love the Fruit of the Month Club!
And Amanda's delicious chocolate chip macaroons.

Knot begon! She fixed it! The non-knitter caused the knitters to "ooh" and "aah" in her wonderment. We decided that she can be taught and she will be taught [again; her grandma taught her back in the day, which, if anyone is counting, was a Tuesday].

Amanda will become a knitter.


Debbie said...

Let me say, it was a sight to behold. And I think it's the Colorado yarn b/c my Colorado yarn, caused the yarn barf! We totally should have taken pictures.

Mz Kwooz said...

Hey--I can leave messages on your blog now that I have one! Woo hoo! When will I see you at a Sit n' Knit again?