Monday, March 5, 2007

Reading Directions Wastes Time

The lovely baby afghan is almost finished, just have to add the garder stitch border. Shall I block before or after? A rather interesting project to say the least. I still am not certain as to how I was supposed to construct this piece; the directions half make sense and got more and more complicated each time I read them. My best guess is that I was supposed to create strips and not individual blocks. I give up trying to figure out "shoulda woulda coulda." Instead I give you this...

Not bad, not bad. And the afghan's poor little remnants, my obsession with yarn ends, the yarn afterbirth or, as said on the streets, the yarn throw-up.

Next on the agenda is another pair of socks. I'm still working on the birthday socks for Margaret but I have another fun pair to cast on, as stated in a previous post - the sock exchange socks for Sit n Knit. I bought the yarn since I had no yarn in my stash that fit the parameters EXACTLY - just another excuse to hit up Knitty City for a fix. I actually brought lovely Margaret with me who couldn't help but caress each cubby hole filled with delicious sock yarns and alpacas and... Now I just need to figure out the right pattern; thankfully my sock-ee is not picky.

But here's birthday sock 1: chevron pattern for variegated yarn, snatched up from Sensational Knitted Socks. Tasty!

And in non-knitting news, Spring Training has begun! Who knows what this season will be like for my beloved Metropolitans from Flushing but we shall see. I have hope. And my Peace Corps interview is March 29th! So excited! If any of you know anyone that has served, please contact me. Now, off to watch Brick. Gotta love NetFlix.


Annie said...

The blanket is done! Rock on. Looks great!

Debbie said...

Tall Tales Afghan: 0, Nicole: 1 - rock on with your bad self...Lets Go Mets!