Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't Call the Police

First off, happy baby to Annie! I am so happy for her, her lovely little tyke and her happy hubby. Seeing how quickly she posted post-delivery shows her devotion to knitting and the blogosphere. On to knitting...

4 St blocks, 29 st each therefore CO 116 stitches for border of baby afghan
K 8 garter st rows
[attempt] to PU BO stitches
Scratch head in disbelief that I could be this silly

PU BO stiches on WRONG side [both senses of the word]
Slap face repeatedly in shock that I could be this silly ... again
Consider calling Knitting Police to arrest me for fraud

PU BO stitches on RIGHT side [both senses of the word]
Eureka, it works!
Totally awesome! All right, Hamilton. Sorry, I love quoting Fast Times at Ridgemont High

PU BO stitches on all four sides
K 8-10 rows of garter
Seam corners

See that little tiny green border? Wait, let me get you my magnifying glass.

Getting gauge on my Secret Feet socks
These need to be perfect!

Speaking of socks, I gave Katie and Margaret their socks last weekend, and they immediately threw them on and paraded around in joy. Look how happy they are [and how short Katie is!]

Countdown to Peace Corps Interview: 7 Days


Debbie said...

The birthday socks look great!! And I cannot believe the end is in sight for the tall tales afghan. You go!

Knitting Ewe said...

Look at all those happy feet - awesome! I somehow lost your blog from my bloglines!? Stopped by to let you know that (knitting at major league ball parks) is having an event at Shea on Aug. 9th!